Releasing Golden Knights: Metaverse's project outline and roadmap on the project website and Gitbook. And starts social media channels for operating communities.

Opening a swap pool in Uniswap to provide basic value and environment for using GOLA coins.


When users play GoldenKnights: Metaverse, Godium is paid as a reward, and by swapping Godium with GOLA once a day, users can get GOLA.

Gamers can use the MetaCode Wallet to withdraw the acquired GOLA to the outside through the blockchain or to deposit the GOLA acquired externally to Golden Knights.


Developing a system for acquiring and using GOLA and Goduim in the Golden Knights, and applying a proven balance to prevent GOLA inflation.

Updating all the systems for Golden Knights' play-to-earn system, and verifying stability through beta testing.


After verifying the stability of the system and the balance of GOLA and Godium through the Golden Knights beta test, starting large-scale marketing on gaming communities for attracting more users.


Providing NFT issuance and NFT staking services to implement a decentralized blockchain ecosystem.

Users who contribute to the liquidity pool will be rewarded with GOLA.


To smoothly provide GOLA liquidity in the Golden Knights ecosystem, listing GOLA on a global exchange.

And to expand the ecosystem, we're planning to enter various platforms and mainnet.


To improve the completeness of the Golden Knights ecosystem, updating the system so that gamers can enjoy our game more.

These systems will more strongly support GOLA rewards and consumption.

90% ~

Expanding into IP business based on the hero characters of Golden Knights.

It is possible to create various types of games using the metadata of hero characters implemented in NFT.

There are various regulation from the Google, Apple markets, and governments for play-to-earn games and blockchain industry. We are planning to develop various systems and services and none of those won't against the regulations. The roadmap for our plans will also be updated preriodically.

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