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MetaCode Wallet

Check the link below for the information about downloading the MetaCode app, install and how to created a MetaCode.

Metacode Wallet Linkage

① After entering the MetaCode, click the Connect button.
② Go to the market to install the MetaCode Wallet.
③ You can see help for generating MetaCode.

GOLA withdrawal process in game

STEP 1 : Select "Withdraw" from the menu

To withdraw money, click the Withdraw GOLA.

STEP 2 : Choose a MetaCode Wallet

When withdrawing to MetaCode Wallet, select MetaCode Wallet.

STEP 3 : Apply for withdrawal

① Enter the number of GOLA to withdraw and click the "withdraw" button.
② A fee is charged when withdrawing, and the number of GOLAs that can be withdrawn per day is limited.
③ You can check the withdrawal history.

GOLA deposit process in games

STEP 1 : Select "Deposit" from the menu

To deposit, select the GOLA Deposit menu.

STEP 2 : Choose a MetaCode Wallet

When depositing through the MetaCode Wallet, select the MetaCode Wallet.

STEP 3 : Deposit proceed

① Shows the number of GOLAs held in the MetaCode Wallet.
② Enter the number of GOLAs to be deposited into the game.
③ Go to the MetaCode Wallet and click the Confirm deposit button.
④ You can see the deposit details.