2. Battle Screen

Description of the function of the battle screen in Campaign

■ Battle Screen Configuration

1. Hero Information

  • You can check the Hero's Level, HP, effect (buff), EXP, progress stage, and Hot Time event.

2. Team Hero

  • You can change the battle hero by touching the hero who joined the party.

3. Gamepad

  • You can move the hero with the control pad.

4. Massacre

  • You can check consecutive kills and rewards (gold).

5. Use Skill Description

  • You can read a detailed description of the skill you used.

6. Campaign Clear Conditions

1) Accumulated Stars : You can check the number of stars you obtained through clearing the corresponding stage.

2) Play time : You can earn up to 3 stars when you achieve the play time that meets the conditions.

3) Dimensional Rift POINT : You can check the percentage (%) of the accumulated Dimensional Rift Points through Campaign.

7. Combat Controls and Use Items

1) Attack Button : In manual battle, touch the attack button to attack the enemy.

2) Skill Button : When touched, the hero's available skills are activated.

3) Dodge Button : If you dodge the enemy's attack, damage received is reduced by 50%.

4) Used Items : Displays the items used for the Campaign.

8. Combo

  • Indicates the number of consecutive attacks on the enemy.

9. Other Settings

1) Tag Setting : You can set the party hero replacement automatically based on the hero's remaining HP.

Tag Set HP Value : 50% / 40% / 30% / 20% / 10% / OFF

2) High Speed Mode : Can be used when the stage has been cleared with 3 stars.

3) Auto-repeat : Atomatically proceed with the campign of the stage based on the settings.

4) Pause : Pauses the game, and you can give up game settings and campaign.

5) Acquired Items : Displays items obtained by destroying logs in the stage.

6) Chat : You can chat with other users connected to the chat channel.

7) Acquired Gold : The gold acquired in the current stage is displayed.

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