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18. Accessory

Acquisition/Upgrade of [Accessory Item] and Basic System

■ Accessory

  • The grade of accessory is [ B / A / S / R ]. (The higher the grade, the more stats are added, and the higher the level, the higher the stats.)
  • Accessory items can be obtained through the Accessory Draw(Pearl) at the Summoning Hall.
  • You can wear accessories in the order of [Earrings / Rings / Necklaces] every 2 level of the Hero's Transcendence.
  • Depending on the type and grade of accessory, the options are fixed, and the values ​​are applied randomly.
1) Initial Option ​​by grade : You can check the ability values ​​of the accessory types and options for each grade.
2) Draw Selection : You can check the number of times the accessory drawing has been performed and the amount consumed/retained.
Can check the value of the stats for each grade of the accessory at the summoning hall.

■ Accessory - Acquisition

Accessories can be obtained by drawing using pearls you got from the World Boss.
You can check and upgrade the accessories you got in your inventory.

■ Accessory - Equip

Heroes of transcendence level 2 or higher can equip accessories to increase the hero's stats.
1) Select accessory part : If you have an accessory item in that part, it will be displayed as (+).
2) Accessory selection : You can check the accessory items that fit the part.
3) Accessory equip : After selecting an accessory item, touch the [Equip] button to equip it.

■ Accessory - Upgrade

Accessory upgrade can be upgraded using the same type of accessory as a material.
1) Select Upgrade : Select the accessory item you want to upgrade.
2) Automatic selection : When checked, the same type of accessory is selected as the material. (Applies to grade A and lower only.)
3) Accessory List : You can check only the same type of accessory to be upgarde.