6. Attribute PVP

Attribute limited 5:5 PVP content [Attribute PVP] System Description

■ Attribute PVP

  • You can enter by touching [Main Screen > Challenge Mode > Attribute PVP].

  • When you level up your account to Level 20, you can use the Attribute PVP.

  • The season runs from 00:00 to 21:30 by attribute every day, and the ranking is reset at the end of the season.

  • After the season ends, the season rewards according to the previous ranking will be sent to the mailbox upon reconnection.

※ Order of the week : Mon. - Nature / Tue. - Poison / Wed. - Water / Thu. - Steel / Fri. - Fire / Sat. - Light / Sun. - Dark

From 21:30 to 00:00 every day, it is not possible to use the Attribute PVP as it is the time for ranking tallying.

1. Attribute PVP - Information Screen

1) Attribute PVP Admission Ticket : One is consumed when entering the attribute PVP, and one is charged every 2 hours, up to a maximum of 10.

Attribute PVP Additional tickets can be purchased using rubies in the shop.

2) Attribute PVP Information List

  • Overall Ranking : You can check the top ranking among the overall ranking rankings of the Attribute PVP. (can be checked up to #100 rank)

  • Battle History : You can check the attack history received from the opposing user.

  • Season Reward : You can check the ranking/reward, and the reward will be sent to your mailbox when you reconnect before the next season.

3) Check progress attribute/day of the week : You can check the attribute by day of the week that are currently in progress.

4) Attribute PVP Ranking Information : You can check the current ranking and point, and you can visit to check the hero information of the opposing user.

5) My Attribute PVP Information : You can check your record, winning streak, match ranking, point, and remaining time for the attribute PVP season.

6) Auto Repeat / Defensive Deck Settings : You can set auto-repeat, and you can set up a defense deck and place heroes to prepare for your opponent's attacks.

7) Preparation for Attribute PVP : When touched, it searches for a target using the Attribute PVP admission ticket and moves to the battle preparation screen.

2. Attribute PVP - Battle Preparation Screen

1) Deployed Heroes : You can check your Heroes and other's Heroes deployed in the Attribute PVP.

2) Owned Heroes : You can check the list of my heroes that can be placed. Can be placed/removed upon touch.

3) Sorting Heroes : You can sort your heroes by [Obtained / ★Rating / Combat Power / Attribute].

4) Auto Repeat : When activated, the next battle in the Attribute PVP starts automatically.

5) Start Attribute PVP : Touch to enter the Attribute PVP.

3. Attribute PVP - Battle Screen

1) HP Gauge, Remaining Time : You can check the total health of your opponent and your hero and the remaining time.

2) My Hero : You can check the HP and status of your hero.

3) Opponent Hero : You can check the opponent's HP and status.

4. Attribute PVP - Battle Result Screen

1) Battle Results

2) Check the result of battle in the Attribute PVP

3) Return to the Town / Challenge Mode / Visit the opponent's town / Re-enter

4) Check Damage information for each hero

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