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12. Quarry Pillage

Description of the [Quarry Pillage] system that can be obtained by looting other users' quarry minerals in Challenge Mode

■ Quarry Pillage

  • You can enter [Main Screen > Challenge Mode > Quarry Pillage] or [Quarry Pillage] located on the right side of the town.
  • Quarry Pillage is available when you level up your account to Level 10.
  • Minerals can be pillaged by defeating defensive mercenaries protecting uncollected rewards from opposing quarries.

1. Quarry Pillage - Entry (Challenge Mode > Quarry Pillage)

2. Quarry Pillage - Entry (Town > Quarry Pillage)

3. Quarry Pillage - Entry Screen

1) Quarry Pillage Tiket : Quarry Pillage Tiket can be used 5 times a day, and consumed Quarry Pillage Tiket are reset the next day (at midnight).
2) Gold : You can check the gold you currently have.
3) Target Searching : Search for a quarry that is mining in progress. (Gold is consumed when searching for a target.)

4. Quarry Pillage - Target Searching

1) Quarry Minerals : You can check the minerals that can be pillaged from the opponent.
2) Pillage : Go to the pillage preparation screen by checking the opponent's hero and minerals.
3) Time Left : You can check opponent information and check available time for pillage.
  • If the time is exceeded, you will not be able to see the target's information.
  • The pillage time is reduced at the same time in the target search and battle preparation screens.
4) Rediscover : Gold consumption increases every time you search for a target. The increased gold consumption is reset the next day.
5) Quarry Defense Deck : You can check the defense heroes of the opposing user deployed to the corresponding quarry.

5. Quarry Pillage - Prepare for Pillage Battle

1) Deployed Heroes : You can briefly check the status and attribute penalty of heroes deployed in battle.
2) Owned Heroes : You can check the list of heroes that can be placed in pillage. Can be placed/removed upon touch.
3) Sorting Heroes : You can sort the heroes you own by [Obtained / ★Rating / Combat Power / Attribute].
4) Pillage Success Reward : You can check the rewards that can be obtained by defeating the opponent's defense hero.
5) Start Pillage : Use a quarry pillage ticket to enter.

6. Quarry Pillage - Pillage Battle Screen

Defeat defensive mercenaries deployed in opposing quarry to pillage rewards!

7. Quarry Pillage - Pillage Success Screen

1) Pillage Information : You can check the quarry pillage results.
2) Return to Town Button
3) Quarry Pillage shortcut Button