MetaMask Swap

1. Install MetaMask

You can swap after installing MetaMask using Chrome or Firefox browser. At this point, you must have the MetaMask Wallet installed in your browser.

2. Register GOLA in MetaMask

STEP 1 : Get Token

Click the Get Token button to register GOLA in Metamask.

STEP 2 : Select custom token menu

STEP 3 : Paste GOLA contract address

Be sure to check the GOLA contract address before paste it.

STEP 4 : Get Token

Click the Get Token button to register GOLA Coins in Metamask.

3. Swap in MetaMask

STEP 1 : Start swap

Select the GOLA coin in MetaMask and click the Swap button.

STEP 2 : Input swap quantity

Enter the amount of GOLA you want to exchange for ETH or other cryptocurrencies and click the Swap Review button.

STEP 3 : Swap Review

MetaMask calculates the optimal swap ratio and suggests the amount of cryptocurrency to be exchanged and gas fee.

If the swap ratio is appropriate, click the swap button to start the swap.

STEP 4 : Swap progress and completion

Depending on the stage of the swap and the congestion level of the Ethereum network, the swap proceeds with an optimized gas cost.

After the swap is completed, return to Metamask to check the amount of exchanged cryptocurrency.

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