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24. Guild Raid

The [Guild Raid] system for get special goods based on the guild ranking of accumulated damage

■ Guild Raid

  • You can enter by click [Guild > Guild Raid].
  • Guild ranking is determined based on the accumulated damage. You can get the Godium based on the season ranking.
  • The season runs from Monday to Sunday, and the attribute of Mamon changes for each day of the week.
※ Order of the week : Mon. - Nature / Tue. - Poison / Wed. - Water / Thu. - Steel / Fri. - Fire / Sat. - Light / Sun. - Dark
  • You can enter from 00 :00 to 23 :30 every day, and you can enter once a day by default.
  • Maximum 9 heroes can enter a Guild Raid.
  • You can get sapphires as a basic reward when entering the Guild Raid.
  • The reduced HP does not automatically recover until the season reset, and you can't use a hero if he/she died.
You can purchase 3 additional tickets (up to 2 times a day) for Guild Raid tickets using Ruby.

1. Guild Raid - Preparation Screen

1) Check progress attribute / day of the week : You can check the attribute by day of the week that are currently in progress.
2) Remaining Time / Boss Attributes / Bond Buffs : You can check the guild raid end time, guild raid boss attributes, and bond buffs.
3) My Team : You can check the party heroes you have placed, and you can select up to 9 heroes.
4) Owned Heroes : You can check the list of heroes you can enter. Can be placed/removed by touch.
5) Season Ranking / Progress Information / Reward Information
  • Season Ranking : You can check the current/last season's ranking by list.
  • Progress Information : You can check the current/last season's Guild Raid participation information.
  • Reward Information : You can check the season rewards by guild ranking.
6) Guild Raid Admission Ticket : One is consumed when entering the Guild Raid, and can be entered once per day. (You can purchase additional tickets with ruby)
7) Start Challenge : Touch to enter using a guild raid ticket.

2. Guild Raid - Battle Screen

1) My Hero : You can check the hero's health, and touch the hero to change and control it.
2) Progress information : The amount of damage dealt to Mamon and the remaining time are displayed.
3) Hero Control : Basically, the heroes fight automatically, and you can manually control the selected hero.
4) Bond Buff : Among the deployed heroes, the value of the currently applied bonding buff is displayed.
5) Other functions : You can set high speed mode, pause, and use chat functions.

3. Guild Raid – Battle Result Screen

1) Check damage information : You can check the total accumulated damage and damage information for each hero.
2) Recent damage information : Guild raid damage records are displayed in the order of the most recent progress.
3) Basic Reward : The sapphire acquired as a reward for entering the guild raid is displayed.
4) Season Ranking / Return to Town / Leave Button