9. Dimensional Door

Description of the [Dimensional Door] system, a dungeon where you can obtain equipment (Armor) and items in the challenge mode

■ Dimensional Door

  • You can enter by clicking [Main Screen > Challenge Mode > Dimensional Door].

  • When you level up your account to Level 10, you can access Dimensional Door.

  • If you win the battle, you can get various items such as attribute soul stone for each boss and armor for each part.

  • Each required level unlocks a new difficulty level, and the higher the level, the stronger the enemy and the greater the reward. However, even if the level conditions are met, the difficulty level will be opened sequentially depending on whether or not the level is cleared.

  • You can acquire the Transcendence Stone used for Transcendence from Area 7 (Lv. 36 or higher).

In addition to the raid boss attributes, you can also obtain Light/Dark attribute soul stone.

You can also obtain the attribute Summon Scroll (3~5☆) that corresponds to the raid boss.

1. Dimensional Door - Boss Selection Screen

1) Dimensional Door Boss by attribute

2) Check level and information, enter battle

  • Check Entry Level (Difficulty)

  • Drop information confirmation Button

  • Dimensional Door Battle Ready Button

2. Dimensional Door - Battle Ready Screen

1) Dimensional Door Admission Ticket : One ticket is charged every 30 minutes, up to a maximum of 20.

2) Hero Selection : Up to 4 hero can be selected.

3) My Team

4) Dimensional Door Appearance Boss

5) Acquisition reward confirmation

6) Item use and purchase

7) Auto Repeat - Setting

8) Dimensional Door Battle Start Button

Tickets for Dimensional Door can be purchased additionally in stores using rubies.

3. Dimensional Door - Boss Battle Screen

Attack the boss by dealing with the boss's range attack and special situations!

4. Dimensional Door - Stage Clear Screen

1) Acquisition Reward

2) Return to Town Button

3) Challenge mode Shortcut Button

4) Dimensional Door menu shortcut Button

5) Restart Button

6) Dimensional Door Next Level Shortcut Button

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