13. Tower of Challenge

Description of the [Tower of Challenge] system where you can earn rewards by challenging each floor in the challenge mode

■ Tower of Challenge

  • You can enter by click [Main Screen > Challenge Mode > Challenge Tower].

  • When you level up your account to Level 12, you can access the Tower of Challenge.

  • The Tower of Challenge is a dungeon with more than 100 floors in total, and can be cleared sequentially from the first floor.

  • The first clear reward for each stage (floor) can only be obtained once.

  • For floors that have already been cleared, if you use the clearing function, you will receive the item corresponding to the reward information at random.

The Floor of the Tower of Challenge is reset to the 1st floor on the 1st of every month.

■ Tower of Challenge - Entry

Press the Enter button on the left screen to enter the Tower of Challenge.

1. Tower of Challenge - Floor selection and information

1) Select the floor : You can select the floor to challenge and check the first clear reward.

2) Tower of Challenge Admission Ticket : One is consumed when entering the Tower of Challenge, and one is charged every 4 hours, up to a maximum of 5.

3) The First Reward : The rewards you can get when the floor is cleared for the first time are displayed, and the rewards are sent to the mailbox.

4) Floor Information : You can check the monsters appearing on the floor and the time limit.

5) Reward Information : You can check the additional rewards you can get upon clearing.

6) Go to the last played stage : Go to the stage you recently cleared.

7) Auto Clear : If you use the clearing function to clear a floor that has already been cleared, you can obtain items of compensation information at random.

8) Rready for Battle : Moves to the Tower of Challenge battle preparation screen.

Additional tickets to the Tower of Challenge can be purchased using rubies in the shop.

2. Tower of Challenge - Battle Preparation Screen

1) Owned Heroes : You can check the list of heroes that can enter the Tower of Challenge. Can be placed/removed upon touch.

2) My Team : You can check the party heroes you have placed, and you can select up to 3 heroes.

3) Appearance Boss : You can check the appearance boss of the selected floor.

4) Acquisition Reward Confirmation

5) Auto Repeat / Auto Next - Setting

6) Start Challenge : Enter using the Tower of Challenge admission ticket.

3. Tower of Challenge - Battle Screen

Defeat the powerful boss of the Tower of Challenge to earn rewards!

4. Tower of Challenge - Clear Success Screen

1) Reward information

2) Result of the Tower of Challenge

3) The first clear reward information

4) Return to Town Button

5) Challenge Mode Shortcut Button

6) Tower of Challenge Shortcut Button

7) Floor Restart Button

8) Button to go to the next floor

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