Godium Swap

You can swap the Godium received as a [Play-to-Earn] reward with GOLA coins, and you can enjoy the various activities in the Metaverse ecosystem by using the swapped GOLA coins.

Swap Policy

  • You can swap your Godium and GOLA once a day. (14:00 UTC+9)

  • The swap rate varies based on the total number of Godium that have completed swap applications in the 24-hour period.

  • GOLA coins that have been swapped are transferred to the metacode wallet.

  • After applying for a swap, you can cancle it anytime you want before the swap is complete.

Due to the legal issues in Korea, the GOLA withdrawal function in the game is restricted.

Swap Procedure

STEP 1 : Open swap window

Click the SWAP button located on the right side of the screen to open the swap menu window.

STEP 2 : Select the swap menu

Select the "Godium Swap" menu in the swap menu window.

STEP 3 : Swap application

① Swap is only done once a day, and the remaining time until the end of the swap is displayed.

② Shows the total number of Godium swaps requested today.

③ Shows the current swap ratio between Godium and GOLA.

④ Enter the number of Godium to apply for swap.

⑤ Shows the total number of Godium you currently have.

⑥ Shows swap details.

⑦ This is the details of the Godium swap application that I applied for, and you can cancel it.

⑧ This is the expected swap quantity of GOLA according to my swap application details.

After the completion of the swap, GOLA coins will be sent to your mailbox.

STEP 4 : Swap History

You can check the swap history.

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