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■ Q&A related to withdrawal services Q. Korean users can't withdraw GOLA coins, right? A. Yes. Due to the local policy of Korea, the service is not available.
■ Q&A related to locked heroes Q. I can't sell/extract a hero because the hero is locked. A. Check the lock status of the hero in Hero Management. A lead hero or a defensively positioned hero is set to a locked state.
■ Q&A related to hero loss Q. The hero I had was suddenly disappeared. A. 1) Check if the hero is located in the Training hall or Barrack. 2) Heroes may be lost in upgrade, evolution/fusion/transcendental materials or sell/extract.
■ Q&A related to quarry Q. When I accessed it, the minerals at the quarry that I mined have disappeared. A. If you are not connected, other users can pillage the minerals. Defend your minerals by deploying your heroes in the quarry.
■ Q&A related to getting accessories Q. Where can I get accessories? A. Moving from the 'Summoning Hall' to the 'Accessory' category, you can get the accessory with pearls obtained from World Boss.
■ Q&A related to wearing accessories Q. How can I wear the accessories? A. The ornaments acquired by drawing can be worn on each body part according to the level of the hero's transcendence. (Transcendental Lv.2 - Earrings / Lv.4 - Rings / Lv.6 - Necklace)
■ Q&A related to dodge features Q. What does the button next to the attack/skill button do? A. This is the Dodge button. Heroes make avoidance moves when touching, and damage from opponent attacks decreases by 50% when avoiding. In addition, damage from the opponent's attack is reduced by 50% even in the cast movement after using the skill.
■ Q&A related to weekly rankings Q. How can I raise the weekly ranking of the ranking? A. Weekly rankings are calculated based on acquired account experience.
■ Q&A related to acquisition of Godium Q. Where can I get Godium? A. You can get Godium through in-game contents and events.