4. Campaign

Explaning how to select areas/stages and how to fight in battles in [Campaign]

■ Campaign

1. Campaign - Area Selection Screen

  • Areas in Campaign are organized by attribute, and there are 15 stages per area.

  • You can level up through the campaigns and you can collect equipment, gold, heroes, item, and godium.

  • Equipment, Item acquisition information can be found in the Loot Info of the stage.

  • If you fight a battle in campaign, POINTS will be accumulated that can open a Dimensional Rift.

2. Campaign - Stage Selection Screen

1) Name of the Stage

2) Appearing Monster

3) Number of stars you get while clearing the stage

4) Numbers of how many you repeated the stage

5) Stage item drop information button

6) Stage entry required energy and entry button

3. Campaign - Battle Preparation Screen

1) Owned Hero List : You can select heroes up to 3.

2) Selected My Team

3) Stage appearance monsters, Boss monsters

4) Attribute type table info

5) Numbers of how many you repeated the stage

6) Acquisition reward confirmation

7) Item use and purchase

8) Hero information confirmation

9) Auto Repeat / Auto Next - Setting

10) Ready to Campaign Button

4. Campaign - Friend Summon Screen

1) Recommended Friend's Hero / Registered Friend's Hero

2) Friend Hero Summon Check

3) Friends Window Shortcut Button

4) Start Campaign Button

Summon a friend hero, it participates in battle for 10 seconds.

5. Campaign - Stage Clear Screen

1) Gold obtained by defeating monsters

2) Stage Results

3) Stage Clear Reward

4) Return to Town Button

5) Campaign Shortcut Button

6) Stage Preparation Button

7) Stage Restart Button

8) Next Stage Button

9) Quest List Confirmation Window

10) Event, Mission, Mailbox Shortcut Button

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