23. Guild System

The [Guild] system where you can engage in activities with members, such as Guild Domain Capture

■ Guild

  • You can check it through the [Guild Building] or [Guild] menu in the town.

  • To create guilds or join the guilds, you must level up your account to Level 20.

  • One guild can have maximum 30 members, including one guildmaster and two Sub-Guildmaster.

  • Through the guild, you can use the guild domain capture and the guild shop that sells various items.

Contributions are lost when you leave the guild, and you cannot create or join a guild for 24 hours.

■ Guild - Create

1) Guild Name : You can name your guild within 2 to 11 characters.

2) Notice / Introduction : You can write an announcement to notify your guild members or content to introduce the guild.

3) Join Lv / How to join : You can set the guild signup level limit and signup method (Join Instantly / Sign up).

4) Greate a Guild : Create a guild using a certain amount of gold.

1) Applying for membership : You can check the information of the guild you applied for.

2) Recommended guild : You can check the information of the recommended guild in the game and apply for membership. Click the refresh button to refresh the list.

3) Guild Name Search : You can find guilds by searching the name of the game.

■ Guild – Information

1) Guild member list : You can check the guild members, the guildmaster, and the sub-guildmaster.

2) Settings : You can change the conditions for joining the guild. Application List : You can check the list of players who applied to join the guild. Guild Disband / Withdrawal : If the guildmaster has no domain and no guild members, the guild can be disbanded. Guild members are indicated by the Leave button and can leave the guild.

3) Guild Information : You can check the donated gold and guild level.

4) Changing the name of the Guild : The guildmaster can change the the name of the guild by using Ruby.

5) Go to Guild Domain : Click to move to the domain conquest where you can proceed with the Guild Domain Capture.

6) Notice / Introduction : You can check the notice and introduction, and the guildmaster/sub-guildmaster can change it.

■ Guild - Donate

  • You can get contribution by donating your gold to the guild.

  • The donated gold can be used by the guildmaster and the sub-guildmaster, and you can purchase guild buffs that you can use in the guild domain capture.

■ Guild - Login

  • You can earn contributions by login the guild every day.

  • When 20 or more of the guild members login, login rewards (energy) are paid to all guild members in the guild.

■ Contribution

  • Contributions are accumulated according to the number of guild domain capture participation, guild donations, and guild login.

  • The accumulated contribution is counted as a ranking within the guild, and you can show your active guild activity.

  • You can check your contribution on the [Guild Login] page.

■ Guild Domain Capture

  • Guild Domain Capture are held every day, and you can use your Guild Domain Capture tickets to battle.

  • You can fight 3 battles in the Domain Capture by default, and you can battle up to 6 times when you enter an additional Ruby.

Guild Domain Capture Tickets are reset at 00 :00 / 08 :00 / 16 :00.

  • You can capture maximum 5 Domains, and the capture rewards are charged every hour.

  • When capture a domain, you can receive sapphires as a reward for the time you capture.

  • If the area is not capture, it will be reset the next day.

  • Within the same domain, the HP of the participating heroes is shared.

  • The initial protection time of the domain conquest is 6 hours. (You cannot attack the domain within the protection time.)

Guild buff effects purchased from the Guild Shop are applied only in Domain Capture.

1) Guild Domain Information : You can check the domain capture by your guild and the accumulated amount of sapphires.

2) Collect : Guildmaster and sub-guildmaster can collect the sapphires accumulated by capture the domain.

3) Domain Conquest Buff : Displayed when purchasing a buff that improves the stats of heroes within a certain period of time in Domain Capture.

4) Capture Reward Time : Capture rewards are randomly generated in 1~3 domain at a certain time. When you protect or capture the domain where the reward was created, the guild member who captured the domain can get the reward.

Domain Capture Rewards : Goduim, Gold, Energy, Refining Stone, Awakening Stone, Soul Stone Tiket, Rare Summon Scroll, and Legend Summon Scroll

5) Captured Domain : You can see the guild name is displayed and the number of days captured.

6) Attack Domain : You can check the capture progress (%) of the domain attacked by the guild member.

7) Refresh : Click the button to renew the guild domain.

■ Domain Capture Debuff

  • If the period of capture the domain becomes longer, the debuff will start to be applied to the heroes defending the domain.

  • ATK, HP and DEF decrease by 10% every one day, decrease maximum of 50% for five days. However, this debuff is applied only to Domain Capture, and other content is not affected.

■ Guild Defense Settings

  • You can place a hero to defend the camp in the guild domain.

  • You can set up 3 teams of up to 3 hero, and the heroes will defend against attacks from other guild heroes.

  • If all camps are defeated, the domain will be taken away.

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