16. World Boss

Describe the [World Boss] system to win pearls by defeating powerful boss monsters in challenge mode

■ World Boss

  • You can enter by click [Main Screen > Challenge Mode > World Boss].

  • When you level up your account to Level 30, you can access the World Boss.

  • You can enter the World Boss from 01 :00 to 23 :00 every day.

  • You will get free admission ticket 4 times a day, and reset at 00 :00 every day.

  • You can get pearls (goods) from which to draw accessories by defeating the world boss.

  • The season resets every Monday, and the Level and HP of the World Boss are reset.

  • You can receive season rewards according to your ranking based on the accumulated damage of the World Boss within the season. (Season rankings are counted based on the records from Monday 01:00 to Sunday 23:00.)

■ World Boss - Entry

When you click the world boss in challenge mode, the level and time available for entry are displayed.

1. World Boss – Check Ranking and Boss Status

1) World Boss Admission Ticket : One is consumed when entering the World Boss, and the ticket is reset at 00 :00 every day.

2) Owned Pearls : You can check the number of pearls obtained by defeating the World Boss.

3) World Boss Level / Current HP : Shows the level and health of the current World Boss.

4) Season's Highest damage / Season's Accumulated damage ranking

5) Season Ranking : You can check the previous season rank and rewards by rank.

6) Ranking : You can check the user ranking for each season by list.

7) My Information : You can check your own World Boss records.

8) Previous Ranking : You can check the highest/accumulated damage ranking.

9) Ready : Click the button to move to the battle preparation screen.

After consuming all 4 of the tickets, you can use rubies for additional admission.

2. World Boss – Battle Ready Screen

1) My Team : You can check the party heroes you have placed, and you can select up to 4 heroes.

2) Appearing World Boss : You can check the appearing world boss.

3) Owned Heroes : You can check the list of heroes you can enter. Can be placed/removed upon touch.

4) Start the challenge : Enter using the World Boss ticket.

The reduced HP does not automatically recover until the season reset, and fallen heroes cannot be used.

2. World Boss – Battle Screen

1) My Hero : You can check the hero's health and buff effects, and the hero will be replaced when touched.

2) Team Attack : When you touch the button, all heroes of your team appear and attack. ※ Heroes summoned by a team attack will take damage from the World Boss attack and will die when all their HP is reduced.

3) World Boss Status : You can check the World Boss HP and remaining time.

4) Damage Record : You can check the current damage dealt to the World Boss and the maximum damage record.

When the World Boss casts a Full-Range Attack during combat, move to a protected area to dodge the attack!

3. World Boss – Battle Result Screen

1) Check result record : You can check the damage inflicted to the World Boss, the ranking, and the rewards obtained.

2) Return to Town / Redo

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