21. Friends System

Explanation of [Friend System] where you can send energy to other users or take them on an campaign by making friends

■ Friends System

  • You can add game friends through the [Friends > Make Friends] tab.

  • You can add Recommended friends, or send a friend request by searching a friend's nickname.

  • If the other person accepts the friend request, you are registered as a friend, and up to 50 friends can be registered.

  • You can send and receive energy with registered friends.

1. Friends System - Game Friends

1) Sort Friends View : You can sort the list of friends in order of last access time.

2) Number of registered friends : You can check the number of registered friends through making friends and requesting friends.

3) Friend Information : You can check your friend's Lead Hero, Game Nickname, and Acount Level.

4) Send Energy : You can send energy to your friends individually or all at once by click the button.

5) Visit / Delete Friends : Click to visit a friend's town or delete a friend.

You can register up to 50 friends, and delete up to 10 user per day.

2. Friends System - Requests Received

1) Number of requests : You can check the number of friend requests you received.

2) Friend Information : You can check your friend's Lead Hero, Game Nickname, and Acount Level.

3) Visit / Accept / Refuse : Click to visit the user's town or accept or refuse a friend.

3. Friends System - Make friends

1) Pending Requests List : You can check the list of friends you have applied for.

2) Recommended Friend : You can request a friend or visit a town with a friend recommended in the game.

3) Friend Search : You can find by searching the nickname of a friend in the game.

4. Friends System - Friendly Results

You can check the results of friendly matches you played with your friends.

■ Friend Summon

  • By making friends, you can join the battle with your friend's lead hero on an campaign.

  • You can summon your friends once a day, and can summoned them again after 24 hours. You and your friends cannot be together in challenge mode.

1) Friend List : You can select a laed hero to join the campaign among registered friends.

2) Friend Management : Go to the [Friends] tab where you can check your registered friends.

3) Start Camapaign : After checking Summon, you can summon a friend by entering the stage as Campaign Start.

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