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Extend Ecosystem

The basic ecosystem of [Golden Knights: Metaverse] has been implemented on the Ethereum blockchain.
Once the basic ecosystem starts to work smoothly, we plan to expand the ecosystem of [Golden Knights : Metaverse] to a variety of environments.

P2E Platform

  • We are preparing to expand the ecosystem through collaboration with various P2E platforms such as WeMix (Wemade), Neopin (Neowiz), and MEVerse (ME2ON).
  • We are preparing various functions, such as creating a GOLA swap pool and listing wallets on the platform.
  • Ecosystem expansion in metaverse environments such as ZEPETO, Sandbox, Decentraland, etc.
  • Golden Knights dedicated pavilion installed, Golden Knights goods sold (T-shirts, hats, accessories, etc.)


  • We plan to expand the ecosystem with mainnets such as Klaytn, Binance Chain, Solana, and IOTA.
  • Through the bridge system of each mainnet, ERC20-based GOLA coins will be swapped for the corresponding mainnet-based GOLA coins.
  • We plan to provide DeFi service and NFT staking service through each mainnet system.
When expanding the ecosystem, GOLA coins used on the P2E platform or mainnet will not be newly issued, but will be used by swapping GOLA coins issued based on ERC20. Therefore, the total issuance of GOLA is operated so that there is no change.