11. Quarry

Description of the [Quarry] system where you can get the minerals collected through mining

■ Quarry

  • You can enter by click the [Quarry] located at the top of the town.

  • You can collect minerals for a certain period of time by defeating the deployed monsters and occupying the quarry.

  • Minerals that you can quarry are [Gold / Energy / Awakening Stone / Attribute Soul Stone].

  • You can occupy Mining Area 1 (Lv.10), Mining Area 2 (Lv.20), Mining Area 3 (Lv. 30), and Mining Area 4 (Lv. 35) in order.

1. Quarry - Main Screen

1) Collected Minerals : You can check the amount of minerals you can get through mining.

2) Collect : Touch to acquire the indicated amount of minerals.

3) Pillage History : You can check the record of pillage [Attack / Defense] of the corresponding quarry.

4) Quarry Defense Deck : You can place a hero to prepare for the opposing user's pillage.

2. Quarry - Pillage History

1) Pillage Mineral Quantity : You can check the [Attack/Defense] result of the quarry and the quantity of looted minerals.

2) Revenge : If defense fails, you can move to the opponent's quarry by clicking the Revenge button.

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