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3. Option

Description of functions in the Option

Options (Settings)

In [Options], you can change game options, enter coupons, and check the settings for your account.​​​

1. Open the Options

Select the menu at the top right and click [Options] at the bottom.

2. Account

You can check/change nickname, game version, account and language, and use functions such as terms/privacy policy.
1) Terms : You can check the game terms and conditions.
2) Privacy Policy : You can check the contents of the privacy policy.
3) Contact us : You can submit an inquiry to the customer center.
4) Facebook Page : You can open Facebook where you can check game-related information.
5) Log out : Logs out the currently logged in account to disconnect.
6) Leave : withdrawing the currently logged in account.
7) Coupon : You can acquire items and goods by entering a coupon.

3. Notice

You can turn on/off notifications for push.

4. Options

You can set the in-game settings in Options.

5. Help

You can check useful in-game information here.