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10. Dimensional Rift

Description of the [Dimensional Rift] system, a dungeon where you can obtain equipment (Armor) and items in the challenge mode

■ Dimensional Rift

  • Dimensional Rift is a dungeon opened with points accumulated through battles in Campaign.
  • One Dimensional Rift open ticket is added when 100% of accumulated points are achieved, and you can hold up to 3 tickets.
  • If you open a dimensional rift, you can enter repeatedly for a certain period of time, and energy is consumed when entering.
  • You can use the Dimensional Rift open ticket by touching [Main Screen > Challenge Mode > Dimensional Rift].
  • You can get the armor for each part and attribute soul stone if you win the battle with the boss just like the Dimensional Door.
Dimensional Rift open tickets can be additionally purchased using rubies in the shop.

■ Dimensional Rift - Open

When you use the accumulated open points to open a dimensional rift in campaign, the entry time is displayed.

1. Dimensional Rift - Boss Selection Screen

1) Dimensional Rift Boss by Attributes
2) Check level and information, enter battle
  • Check the steps and energy consumption
  • Drop information confirmation Button
  • Dimensional Rift Battle Ready Button

2. Dimensional Rift - Battle Ready Screen

1) Check Energy Retention
2) Owned Hero Selection : You can select heroes up to 4.
3) My Team
4) Dimensional Rift Appearance Boss
5) Acquisition reward confirmation
6) Item use and purchase
7) Auto Repeat - Setting
8) Dimensional Rift Battle Start Button

3. Dimensional Rift - Stage Clear Screen

1) Rewards you got
2) Return to Town Button
3) Challenge mode Shortcut Button
4) Dimensional Rift menu shortcut Button
5) Restart Button
6) Dimensional Rift Next Level Shortcut Button