IP extension into the Metaverse world

Golden Knights: Metaverse plans to expand blockchain-based decentralized content and expand IP by entering the various metaverse worlds. And by nurturing creators in each metaverse world, we provide continuous IP content.


Opening a Golden Knights store at ZEPETO that has 200 million users worldwide and sell goods such as T-shirts. We're planning to release a variety of goodies for each season and hold various events while continuously promoting the Golden Knights IP on ZEPETO.


We produce and service Golden Knights mini-games for Roblox, which has 50 million users worldwide. We plan to continuously promote Golden Knights IP to Roblox by providing various Golden Knights IP costumes as a game play reward.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox, which provides a decentralized metaverse service, purchases Golden Knights Land and produces and services mini-games. The Sandbox Store sells NFTs using Golden Knights IP, and users who visit Golden Knights Land can receive or purchase Golden Knights goods as a reward.

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