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17. Equipment

[Equipment (Weapon/Armor) item] Upgrade/Refine and sell/extract, Basic System Description

■ Equipment

  • The star rating (☆) of equipment ranges from 1 to 7. (The higher the star rating, the higher the basic stats.)
  • It can be obtained from Campaign, Magic Shop, The Abyss (Weapon), Dimensional Door/Dimensional Rift (Armor), and Equipment Tickets.
  • The grade/star rating level of equipment cannot be grade upgraded or star upgraded beyond the first obtained level, and higher grade/star equipment can be obtained in higher areas of the raid (The Abyss/Dimensional Door, Dimensional Rift). (When enchanting, there is a certain probability that you can rise to a star rating (★) one level higher.)
※ Equipment acquired by Raid boss ▶ Hekaton's Scream : (The Abyss) Nature, Light, Dark Attribute Weapon (Dimensional Rift, Dimensional Gate) Helmet ▶ Tylent's madness : (The Abyss) Poison, Light, Dark Attribute Weapon (Dimensional Rift, Dimensional Gate) Armor ▶ Roar of Akkadian : (The Abyss) Water, Light, Dark attribute weapon (Dimensional Rift, Dimensional Gate) Glove ▶ Wrath of Hercules : (The Abyss) Steel, Light, Dark attribute weapons (Dimensional Rift, Dimensional Gate) Pants ▶ Vulcan's Flame : (The Abyss) Fire, Light, Dark Attribute Weapon (Dimensional Rift, Dimensional Gate) Shoes
※ Acquired Equipment Star by Raid Area 1 Area : 2★ 2 Area : 2~3★ 3 Area : 3★ 4 Area : 4★ 5 Area : 4~5★ 6 Area : 5~6★ 7 Area : 6★ 8 Area : 6~7★ 9 Area : 7★

■ Equipment - Equip

You can increase the hero's stats by wearing equipment items that match the hero.
1) Equipment selection : If you have an equipment item for that part, it will be displayed as (+).
2) Selection of Retained Equipment : You can check equipment items that fit your hero and parts.
3) Installation of the selected equipment : After selecting an equipment item, touch the [Equip] button to equip it.

■ Equipment - Upgrade

  • For equipment enhancement, +6, +9, +12, +15 bonus options are added or enhanced for every enhancement level.
  • Grades are applied in the order of [ C ▶ BASR ]. ( +0 ▶ +6 +9+12+15 )
  • Up to 4 bonus options are added for each grade, and they are added sequentially from B among the above enhancement values.
  • If bonus options are already added, such as equipment of normal grade or higher (B~R), when upgrading equipment, the bonus options are not added, but the number of bonus options you have is strengthened. (When equipment (B) acquires 0 enhancement, you have 1 bonus option, and when you upgrade 6, the number of bonus options you have increases)
1) Select Upgrade : Select the equipment item to be Upgrade.
2) Auto Mode : When checked, you can automatically enhance up to +15 reinforcement value.
3) Equipment Upgrade : Attempts to upgrade equipment items using the displayed gold.

■ Equipment - Refine

  • If the upgrade status of the equipment item is +15 enhancement, you can try to refine the equipment.
  • It can be refined up to +20 reinforcement, and the stat increases significantly whenever equipment refining is successful.
  • In case of equipment refining failure, it will only decrease by one level from the highest enhancement level reached. (Example : if +17 refine is successful, it will not fall below the +16 refine level if it fails.)
  • Refining stones are used for Refining equipment, and consumed differently for each equipment star/enhancement level.
Refining stones can be obtained through equipment extract, purchases, and rewards.
1) Auto High Speed : Automatic refining can be performed up to +20 values when activated.
2) Refine Equipment : Attempts to refine equipment using the indicated refineing stones.
3) Equipment Refine Result

■ Equipment - Enchanting

  • Through enchantment, you can get the same equipment of S Grades or higher or with a certain probability of getting equipment of one star rating(★).
  • The same equipment item with the same star rating(★) as a certain gold is consumed as a material, and the enhancement level is changed to 0.
  • Enchantment can be performed in [Inventory > Equipment] or [Hero > Equipped Equipment].
▶ [ Inventory > Equipment > Enchanting ]
▶ [ Hero > Equip Equipment > Enchanting ]

■ Equipment - Sell / Extract

  • You can obtain gold by selling equipment in your inventory or extract it with refining stones.
  • Depending on the grade and enhancement status of the equipment, the amount of smelt or gold that can be obtained varies.
1) Sell/Extract : You can activate the equipment sell/extraction function.
2) Equipment selection : Select equipment to be sell/extracted.
3) Sell or Extract : Converts the selected equipment to Gold/Refining Stone.
4) Notification message : After selling/extracting, you can check the amount of gold/refining stone that can be obtained and proceed with selling/extracting.
5) Sell / Extract Result
With the condition selection function, it is possible to collectively select equipment by condition (Star/Grade).