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19. Hero Attribute

[Attribute Typ] system for in-game monsters and opposing heroes

■ Attributes Type

  • There are 7 types of attributes for heroes and monsters in the game.
The 2 types of Advantage/Disadvantage are applied as follows.
  • NaturePoison / Water
  • PoisonWater / Steel
  • WaterSteel / Fire
  • SteelFire / Nature
  • FireNature / Posion
  • A 30% increase in damage is applied to advantage attribute, and a 20% reduction in damage to disadvantage attribute is applied.
  • You can check the brief attribute type of the matching hero in the ready for battle screen.
  • When a ground hero attacks an aerial hero, the aerial heroes damage is reduced by 20%.
The Light/Dark attribute does not apply to attribute type.

■ Attribute Type Table