We are collaborating with various partners to apply various blockchain technologies such as Golden Knights coin issuance, NFT issuance, DeFi, NFT staking, and liquidity pool operation and to design a token economy.


Ozys is a blockchain technology company that develops and services decentralized exchanges such as KLAYswap, Meshswap, and OrbitBridge based on blockchain technology.

We are collaborating on blockchain technology to expand the ecosystem of Golden Knights with various mainnets such as Klaytn and Polygon.


Huobi is one of the best crypto exchanges that opened in 2013. Huobi has established and operated branches all over the world, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, the UK, Canada, and South Korea, and since 2018, Huobi has established and operated Huobi Korea in Seoul, South Korea.

MetaCode Inc.

MetaCode Inc. has been servicing the blockchain-based “MetaCcode Wallet” since 2018.

It is serviced in 181 countries around the world and provides safe wallet services from hacking and abuse by applying a security system through facial recognition technology.

The "MetaCode" created by the metacode wallet is the code that links the metaverse (web, app, PC client) with the wallet.

Golden Knights and MetaCode Wallet can be easily linked by using “MetaCode”, and when playing Golden Knights, you can use the Metacode Wallet when withdrawing GOLA as a reward and depositing GOLA purchased outside with Golden Knights. In addition, “MetaCode” is used when NFT staking compensation is paid and information about the staked NFT is linked to Golden Knights.


Biyard advises and supports all processes from design, planning, and development of WEB 3, NFT, and Metaverse projects based on blockchain technology and decentralized values to publicity and community operation.

Currently, Biyard has about 40 clients, including large corporations such as LG U+, Kakao Entertainment, YG PLUS, K Auction, NFT projects such as TREASURES CLUB, LOVO, TEAMSMATh, Denations, educational institutions such as KAIST and the Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea Content We provide advice to government agencies such as the Korea Promotion Agency.

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