Token Economy

Token Pool

To smoothly supply GOLA coin to the ecosystem, we operate a Liquidity Pool and a Reward Pool.
  • Liquidity Pool : We support a swap pool so that GOLA coins can be exchanged smoothly with ETH through decentralized systems such as Uniswap.
  • Reward Pool : A certain number of GOLAs are paid as rewards every day for 5 years, and some of the GOLA coins recovered through NFT sales etc. fill the reward pool again to support the cycle of the ecosystem.


To provide liquidity of GOLA coins to the ecosystem, a certain number of GOLA coin are rewarded every day, and they have a halving every year.
  • Play-to-Earn : Gamers who use Golden Knights can swap the acquired Godium for GOLA Coin.
  • Event Rewards : You can receive rewards for participating in events such as 'Pre-Register events' and 'SNS events'.
  • Yield Farming : Participants participating in the liquidity pool are rewarded with GOLA Coin.
  • NFT Staking : Dungeon NFT holders receive GOLA coin as a reward when staking.
  • Purchase Reward : GOLA Coin are paid as a reward when purchasing Golden Knights items.


[Golden Knights: Metaverse] Users who receive GOLA Coin as a reward for activities in the ecosystem can use their GOLA Coin to continue their activities within the ecosystem.


GOLA Coins received as rewards can be used to purchase NFTs, Staking fees, and Purchase items.


The company will collect the GOLA Coin that were paid as compensation through NFT sales and item sales.
  • Sales : Accounting is performed by recognizing the recovered GOLA coin as sales of the company.
  • Reward Pool : A portion of the recovered GOLA Coin are moved to the reward pool for ecosystem circulation and the scale of the reward is adjusted.
  • Burn : A certain portion of the recovered GOLA coin will be burned to reduce the overall circulation and increase the value of the coin.