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Goldenknights : Metaverse

Project Introduction

Golden Knights is a "hero collector RPG game" that was released in 2016 and is currently being enjoyed by a cumulative 5 million users in 208 countries.
Golden Knights: Metaverse is a project that has expanded into a “Play to Earn platform that connects games and the real world” by incorporating a blockchain-based decentralized coin to the “automated dungeon hunting system” that is the biggest feature of Golden Knights.

Our Digital Assets

Golden Knights is a Play to Earn game platform based on Ethereum, where users can purchase items with Godium, which can be collected as a reward while playing the game, or exchange them for GOLA coins.
GOLA coins can be used for various purposes to enjoy Golden Knights, such as purchasing special items and purchasing tickets for Contents. In addition, users can purchase, own, upgrade, and trade NFTs such as towns, dungeons, and heroes that are issued in the Golden Knights system with GOLA coins.

Technical Features

  1. 1.
    Golden Knights implemented the Play to Earn system by combining the existing centralized game content with the blockchain-based decentralized GOLA coin and NFT.
  2. 2.
    Golden Knights provides an environment where the system can be operated by the interaction between users in the Golden Knights ecosystem by developing decentralized DeFi service and NFT staking service.
  3. 3.
    Golden Knights provides an expanded service so that the Hero NFT can be used in other games by using a part of the centralized hero character information for the decentralized hero NFT metadata.

Present and Future

Starting with a centralized game platform, Golden Knights has expanded into a “Play to Earn platform” by developing and servicing decentralized systems such as GOLA coins, various NFTs, and DeFi services.
We will provide an environment where various games can be developed with Golden Knights IP while expanding the characters used in the Golden Knights game to “decentralized IP”. In addition, we will conduct business so that it can grow into a "Metaverse platform" by combining various decentralized services.
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